Sometimes, it is easy to spot and treat the reasons why women don’t feel comfortable while having sex with men. We will be discussing this topic in the next lines to find out the causes.

Painful sex is common.

Women may feel uncomfortable during sex for many reasons. These are the top causes of painful sex.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to the United States, approximately 20 million STDs are reported each year. This is where most of the research is done. Common STDs such as chlamydia or gonorrhea can cause vaginal irritation that can lead to pain during sex.

Genital herpes

Herpes can cause painful skin reactions such as blisters and sores.


Vaginal inflammation refers to vaginal ginitis. Vaginal yeast or bacterial overgrowth can cause irritation, itching, and discharge.

Previous injuries

Large babies, or women who give birth to more than 4 kg of children, may feel pain in sex. However, they will recover quickly and be free from the problem.

Lower estrogen levels

Women who are postmenopausal may notice a decrease in estrogen. This can make the vaginal line thinner and less flexible. It’s similar to trying to stretch a rubberband that has lost its elasticity. This can cause irritation and burns.

Lichen sclerosus

Postmenopausal females may also experience lichen sclerosus. This is a condition where the genital skin becomes scaly or inflamed.

Previous injury or sexual abuse

Sexual trauma can lead to women who associate sex and pain with their past. This may cause tense muscles.

How to make sex more enjoyable

Your doctor will ask about your sexual history and conduct an internal exam. Your doctor will examine your vaginal fluid and determine if there is a yeast infection. Many women choose to create an ONLYFANS account and masturbate, and many videos are also posted on

The pH level of the vagina is also checked by doctors. A high pH is indicative of vaginosis. However, a normal vaginal pH indicates that there is a yeast infection.

The doctor may also examine your vagina, vulva (the outside of your genitals), for any injuries that might be contributing to your pain. A urine test or vaginal sweep might be used to screen them for any potential diseases.

There are many treatment options available for painful sex depending on the cause.

Topical estrogen creams for vaginal atrophy: These creams can be used to restore the thickness and elasticity the vaginal skin.
Antibiotics: In the case of a sexually transmitted infection or bacterial vignanosis, antibiotics can often be used to treat the infection in a matter of days.
Antifungal tablets or creams: Your doctor may recommend a cream or pill for a yeast infection.

Get help for sexual abuse

Your doctor may recommend a psychiatrist or therapist to help you release tight and tense pelvic muscles if you have been subject to sexual abuse.