Club Management & Leadership Goals

How we manage ourselves

Dedicating itself to Service Above Self, the Rotary Club of Murrieta manages its varied programs through a leadership plan that maintains the traditional “avenues of service,” but puts new emphasis on public relations and membership growth.

President Steve Nicholson chairs an active Board of Directors and provides overall leadership to the organization.

John Brown, president-elect, directs the club’s major fundraiser. The immediate past president, LouEllen Ficke, sits on the board for the purpose of continuity and also serves as treasurer.

Linda Dozier is the secretary.

The president nominee oversees the club’s activities in these areas:

  • Community service (Jim Yanoschik, director)
  • International service (Doreen Tate, director)
  • Youth service (Jody Lawlor and Liz Jones, directors)
  • Vocational service (Kelly Orchard, director)

A director of administration, Dawn Layton, oversees many of the club services, like meetings management, programs, member fellowship and the myriad other things that make a club go.

The director of membership, John Brown, leads the club’s efforts to recruit, activate and retain the club’s most valuable asset — you, the Rotarian.

To share the news of all we do with both the members and the world around us, the club’s director of public relations, Linda Dozier, handles communication activities, including member communication, the web site and media relations.

The club’s reach extends well beyond Murrieta’s boundaries, and that results in large measure from involvement with Rotary International’s Foundation.  The club’s own foundation director, Saomorn Pang, encourages membership giving to the international foundation as well as to Murrieta’s own Permanent Fund, an endowment the club is building to exist in perpetuity, with interest earnings being used to support annual club programs.

Our Leadership

Brown, John
Haskins, Rob
Orr, Patsy
Dozier, Linda Gail
Public Relations Chair
Jones, Elizabeth
Donahoe, Francis C.
Membership Chair
Pang, Saomorn N
Rotary Foundation Chair
Lawlor, Jody
Community Service Chair
Layton, Dawn M.
Club Service Chair
Lunday, Jan
International Service Chair
Yanoschik, Jim
Vocational Service Chair
Distefano, Paul
Youth Services Chair
Nicholson, Steve
iPast President
White, Linda Kay
Assistant Governor

Upcoming Speakers

Frank Donahoe
10 minute discussion on membership info and craft talk. Who are our members and what do they do?
Aug 8th 2022 12:00 pm
More info

Alex Avana
Presentation will be about "Meals on Wheels"
Aug 15th 2022 12:00 pm
More info

Jonathan Levell
LLUMC He will speak on the need for more doctors in our community and how LLUMC and the Chamber are addressing the need.
Aug 22nd 2022 12:00 pm
More info

Ray Barmore
In 1973 a job as a youth camp manager brought Ray to Mountain Center. In 2017 Ray and his former Executive Director launched War House Creek, their Veterans Transition Training Program.
Aug 29th 2022 12:00 pm
More info

Roxanne Rountree
Public Affairs Manager Eastern Municipal Water District
Sep 12th 2022 12:00 pm
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