Bob Bodemer, director

The glue that holds us together

Club administration focuses on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the effective functioning of the club.

The Club Adminsitration director is responsible for all club service activities. Club service is divided into three basic categories.  These are fellowship, programs, weekly meetings. A goal of Club Service is to maintain and increase club membership through fun, interesting and educational meetings and activities.


Although Rotarians take themselves seriously when it comes to service to their community and the world, they also enjoy each other’s company. The Murrieta club gets together several times each year for fun activities that also include families.  Activities include several traditional events — the Lawe Fish Fry, the holiday party and the President’s Demotion Party — as well as a variety of others.


At every regular club meeting, we offer a stimulating guest speaker to inform us on any subject from soup to nuts.  Who knew a Rotary meeting could be educational?

Weekly Meetings

Meetings require planning and organization.  Someone has to have everything ready.  We already talked about soup to nuts, this is the nuts and bolts.

A part of club meetings, but not supervised by the Admin director, are the rascally sergeants, who are present for fun.

Sergeant at Arms, Dick Lawe and Laurel Miller

The Sergeant at Arms’ are our fine master.  They are responsible for collecting the money that members volunteer to pay in the way of fines to brag about kids, husbands, wives, birthdays and anything else.  A club member will also pay up for not wearing their Rotary pin and badge or being late.  This money goes to help fund Club activities and expenses.

Our Leadership

Effinger, Kirk W
Orr, Patsy
Club Executive Secretary
Barone, Laura L
Public Relations Chair
Carper, Craig
Lunday, Jan
Rotary Foundation Chair
Shirley, Mike A.
Layton, Dawn M.
Club Service Chair
Ontiveros, Grace
Community Service Chair
Tate, Doreen E.
International Service Chair
Hartmann, Jeannette A.
Youth Services Chair
Haskins, Rob
iPast President
White, Linda Kay
Assistant Governor

Upcoming Speakers

Linda Lunn
Linda will be speaking with us about her trip to Thailand and Vocational Training Teams.
Jul 22nd 2024 12:00 pm
More info

Judy Zulfiqar
New District Governor coming to speak to our club.
Jul 29th 2024 12:00 pm
More info

Liz Bollig
liz is with the Murrieta FBI
Aug 12th 2024 12:00 pm
More info

Joey Wilson
The Golden Thread of Effective Communication
Aug 19th 2024 12:00 pm
More info

Vivian Welsh
Vivian will give a talk on Artificial Intelligence.
Aug 26th 2024 12:00 pm
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