Murrieta Rotary Awards $8,000 In Grants To Local Schools

Murrieta Rotary Awards $8,000 In Grants To Local Schools

Rotary Club of Murrieta has granted 11 teachers in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District more than $5,000 in grants for special equipment and materials for use in their classrooms. In addition, the Club has awarded $3,000 for the District’s Read 180 program.

The Rotary’s Clubs annual grants to local schools are made possible through the support and fundraising it does for the annual Murrieta Field of Honor and Patriots Ball, held during Veterans Day week.

The award-winning Read 180 program has benefited from Rotary Club support since 2013 and has received a total of $25,000 in that time. The funds are used to purchase materials for the program which serves elementary school students who are reading at least two grades below the appropriate level.

Rotary’s annual Teacher Grant program gives teachers the opportunity to vie for funds that would enhance their classroom and club projects. In the past eight years, the Club has awarded $32,500 in Teacher Grants.

Murrieta Rotary’s Community Services Director Dr. Jim Yanoschik and LouEllen Ficke presented a check for $3,000 to Faythe Mutchnick, Executive Director of Elementary Education, Murrieta Valley Unified School District, as part of Rotary’s grant for the Read 180 program

Murrieta Valley Unified District Superintendent Pat Kelley (center) received a $5,000 check presented b (from left) Murrieta Rotary’s Dr. Jim Yanoschik and LouEllen Ficke while MVUSD Board President Paul Diffley and Carol Hernandez, Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator, looked on. The money will be awarded to 11 teachers who competed in the club’s annual Teacher Grants program

This year’s 11 grant recipients include:

Kim Hern, Buchanan Elementary School Drama Club, microphone stands; Judy Howell, Thompson Middle School ROBOTICS Club for two starter kits; Christine McAllaster, Shivela Middle School’s Quilting and Sewing Club for basic sewing supplies; Ashley Moore, Murrieta Elementary School, 1st grade Writers Workshop materials; and Denise Peterson, Murrieta Canyon Academy, Girl Up Club supplies and advertising.

Mark Zavoknik, Murrieta Elementary School, English Language Arts books; Aimee Freemer, Murrieta Valley High School, Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS) program, shirts and supplies; Mischelle Meadors, Thompson Middle School, STEAM (tying together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) project materials; Denise Peterson, Murrieta Canyon Academy, SOAR Now materials and supplies; Steve Basin, Antelope Hills Elementary, Make Science Come to Life materials; Tami McKillop and Michelle Jones, Shivela Middle School, materials for Sensory Room used by special needs and autistic as well as other students; and Melissa Hacker, Alta Murrieta and Cole Canyon elementary schools, materials for counseling and calm down rooms.