Patriot’s Chalk Walk


Murrieta Rotary is issuing a call for artists to paint patriotic images with chalk at the club’s annual Field of Honor scheduled for Nov. 6-14th at Town Square Park.

2021 marks the 10th year for the Patriots Chalk Walk, which was organized by the late Rotarian Al Vollbrecht to pay further tribute to the personal heroes honored by the Field.  The images are painted on a wide sidewalk that rings the display of more than 2,200 flags put up in perfect rows and columns.  The event honors personal heroes, many of them military veterans and first-responders, but also anyone else special to flag sponsors.

Vollbrecht died in late 2020, and his organization of the walk is being assumed by Yojiro Iba, also a Rotarian.

Chalk artists are scheduled start painting the morning of Nov. 6 and will finish up on Nov. 7.  The public’s invited to watch these talents at work.  The Field’s official opening ceremony will be at 10 a.m. Nov. 6 and include a Military Resource Expo.

There is no entry fee for artists, and cash prizes are offered.

Artists can choose spaces six feet high in widths by four feet and larger.  This event is open to all high school age and older who have the ability to draw.

Chalk suitable for this kind of painting will be provided.

Applications are being accepted through Oct. 15 and must include a sketch of the art planned or a description of what is to be painted. Click here to download application.

Yoji Iba can be contacted at (831) 809-8351, or

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